Grace. 17. Writer. Singer. Christian.
Belmont University '18

I love Belmont.

Every day I fall more in love with my school

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Time for some dinner with our TT group!! #1 #thebest (at San Antonio Taco Co.)
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Free Jake Owen Beach Party! 😊 #summer #nashville  (at BMI Backlot)
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Goodbye, Chicago. Thanks for being my home for 17 years. Nashville promises to take extra good care of me the next 4. πŸ˜‹πŸ’• #collegebound #belmontuniversity #iheartbelmont
"Be grateful for the wound that pushes you towards God."

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Let your weakness be a platform for His grace. Let it drive you to Christ.

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let’s go travelling // animportant


Suns out, buns out. Like hair bun. Get it.

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By Kylee Twarowski on Flickr.
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"Don’t lose yourself just because you found somebody."

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